80h weeks …

HAS anyone done/doing currently that? Best tips?

Between current projects I need to make income, looking for more projects and trying to learn some things and also some admin errands…

I’ve postponed working on some things I’ve wanted to start for a long time. Now that I have started and took an honest look at what everything I do needs, it comes down to 80h per week. And that is with me actually cutting down on what I want to do. Of course, I know that:

1. those are estimated times and I will see with time if it will be correct.
2. If they are correct, I need to give myself an estimated deadline for how long I can keep that kind of schedule, and how to make it constructive, not just burning out …
3. Probably will require some sacrifices, I’m okay with that.

Does anyone do anything such? I’m guessing yes, hence, I’m here for any useful tips.

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