A client is taking too long to move forward & respond


I’m hoping to get some help with an issue that I’m currently facing in a client project. To provide some context, I’ve been freelancing for the past 3 years and this is the first time that I encounter a situation like this I’m not entirely sure how to proceed with this client after signing the contract 3 months ago.

**The problem**

We’re literally a few hours away from launching the website which is a multilingual e-commerce website. **Everything is done except for connecting the domain and integrating the second font into the website which is going to take a few hours at max**.

The client has been working with a **brand designer and they were provided some horrible & very expensive font choices by the designer that’s why they’re struggling to find an alternative**. I took the liberty of providing 3 alternative fonts but they didn’t like them because they were looking for something very specific which is perfectly fine and understandable.

We were provided the domain credentials to connect it to the project but we heard no responses about the font. ***They promised to contact the brand designer to provide some alternatives for the fonts and it’s been more than 2 weeks since they provided a response to us***.

**What I need support with**
The client keeps claiming they’re very busy when all we need is a font alternative that we integrate into the design and literally nothing else from their end. The design and the build are fully completed and stored with us but I don’t want to pull any surprises on them because they’ve been very respectful & appreciative of our efforts. At the same time, the project timeline is starting to bleed quite a bit.

Are there any specific emails, scripts, or actions that I should provide in order for them to dedicate more time and availability for our team to wrap up this project?

We’re not reliant on them by any means but I’d hate to lose them as a client because they’re respectful and supportive and they’re more than happy to overflow us with work. We’re starting to get overwhelmingly busy with other clients which will, unfortunately, leave us little to no time to wrap their project and onboard them to the new management system that we built.

Curious to hear what you guys think we should do next. I’d really appreciate it if someone could provide any help on what to do here.

**Thanks in advance!**

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