Adding ads to a legacy website made up of thousands of html pages.

I’ve inherited a few legacy websites that I’d like to keep hosting, and to help pay for that, put some ads on them, probably from Google.

I’ve done this before with framework sites like phpBB, and with WordPress using Sitekit, but these are really quite old sites, made up of a great many individual HTML pages, and indexes that were manually made. The content is excellent, even if the layout and method is very old school. (I think the creator used an early Dreamweaver, or Frontpage or similar wysiwyg editor in single-page mode)

What I *think* I’m looking for is some sort of framework that will include the individual pages and display them, yet allow me to do things like change a global header, footer or dynamically ad adverts, but I’m not sure if such a thing exists or if it’s the best way.

How would you go about doing this?

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