Advice dealing with clients adding stuff to project scope and starting to act entitled.

I am working with a client on an e commerce website. The scope of the project included catering to USA and Canada markets, and a specific set of pages. The client has requested the addition of the Bahamas market and a new Accessories page to the project, and seemingly assumes they will be included with no additional cost to me, the developer. They also wanted a “countdown to launch” page, which was not in scope either, but I offered to include it free of charge since it wasn’t a big deal nor difficult on my part. Maybe that was a mistake.

I debated in my head whether or not to confront them about initiating a change request for the Bahamas market and the Accessories page, but thought it may be best not to nickel and dime this client. They run a number of businesses, and I am confident if I can build a good relationship with them, there will be more projects down the line.

That was my thinking until this morning in an exchange of emails, where I wanted to clarify their requirements about non-controversial things, I sensed they were getting snarky about having to clarify things that were not clear to me. I’m thinking that’s enough of putting up with their bull shit. I mean, these guys behave like they expect me to see what’s in their head and get annoyed we have to go through an iterative design process to ensure my team understands what they want. They’ll say things like “we were clear about this on the call” when they aren’t 5 minutes going back and forth between themselves on a decision during the call.

I have already drafted an email asking them to politely confirm the inclusion of the changes for an additional fee and changes to the project timeline. Please talk me into/out of it.

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