Advice for Freelance Billing Model

Hello fellow freelance cowboys and cowgirls! freelance designer / developer here. Quick conundrum overview:

When I charge per project, I always end up spending way too much time for the budget.

When I charge hourly, budgets can get a little heavy on the back end and that opens the door for surprise invoice payment delays or other BS when the total wasn’t clear from the beginning

That isn’t all the time. Sometimes clients are just super happy and we complete jobs quickly and it’s all cool. But I’ve never had a billing model that truly wrangles in the trickier clients from overdoing it on revisions or direction changes without going over their original budget.

**How do y’all handle this? Is there a third way I’m missing? Any other creative methods out there that makes happier clients and designers?**

What absolutely doesn’t feel good is saying, hey this is going to take an extra day of budget, every time there’s an add on the job. Like I know communication is king, but getting revision budgets approved one by one just kills the vibe.

Thanks for your advice!

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