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Backstory:I run an advertising agency that hosts our client’s websites. I originally bought a shared hosting plan from Bluehost, and despite all the naysayers it really hasn’t been that bad. However, we’ve grown pretty quickly and are now hosting 10 quite large websites that see a couple of hundred visitors each day and the server response time is quite slow and impacts load times.

With that in mind, I need advice on a web hosting plan that can handle what we have and scale with us (3 more websites to go live in the next couple of months). And what type of hosting plan I need moving forward.

Here are some of the things I’m looking for:

\- Integrates easily with WordPress

\- Can set up multiple websites (unsure whether they all need to be on their own IP and Cpanel or can just keep using addon domains to the TLD)

\- User-friendly interface. I actually like how Bluehost is set up

\- I find it very intuitive to use. Assigning domains is easy and there’s a neat little bit that shows and lets me manage all of my sites and plug-ins etc straight from Bluehost.Must use Cpanel

\- Budget friendly. Ideally no more than £50 p/cm


One thought I’ve had is using Bluehost’s VPS or a dedicated hosting plan.

Thanks in advance!

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