Advice on my SMMA name incorporation?

I’ve grown my own social medial account in the tuner car industry to over 65k followers within the last year having started at zero. Not only my own account, but I will soon be taking over SMM for a custom parts fabricator as well who has their own website, IG with 40k+, Facebook, etc. Even managing a real estate account with 109k.

I’ve decided to start my SMMA, but I need help with my agency name. Do you think it’d be smart to associate my auto page name, let’s say “exxgo” is the name of my page. Should I cater my agency name towards my existing page, something like “exxgo media” or should I completely split away from that?

My thoughts are by using a name associated with my successful page, I could use that to leverage potential new clients as opposed to being completely unrelated.

I’d love your thoughts. Thank you.

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