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I’m an executive for a pure play ecommerce clothing brand. I have over 20 years experience in design, planning, sourcing and strategy, with a focus on creative direction. Over the years I’ve naturally transitioned from heading up design and development teams to driving brand direction, growth and performance through sales trends and analytics, product ranging and building forecasts and revenue growth plans.

I have experience across multiple retail and wholesale sectors including vertical vertical pure play ecommerce and multi site internationals, leadership and strategy and have a wide range of sourcing, manufacturing and retail contacts both locally and offshore. I have had the opportunity to work for large and established fashion houses and smaller boutique brands and start ups across apparel, accessories (jewellery), interiors and lifestyle / homewares.

I’m still very much a creative at heart and for some time now have been considering leveraging on my experience to branch out on my own into global sourcing, strategy & design consulting. I envision this to look like consulting across creative strategy and trend forecasting, establishing and diversifying manufacturing supply chains, range planning, setting up the creative and technical design process, building growth and revenue plans and RRP and cost targets to achieve overall business COGS and GP targets. In a nutshell, helping brands develop their own vertical lines or working with established brands to grow their retail or wholesale business. The whole end to end process really. My background is fashion and accessory design and it has evolved over the years to where I am today.

I have registered a business name, I’ve had it for a few years now, along with a domain name, email address and Instagram page (which I have not optimised at all – I haven’t posted anything yet).

I’m stuck on next steps and would love some advice on where to go from here – should I start writing blogs / posting content on instagram? Try and grow followers organically, create engagement and interest and perhaps from there look at email marketing and growing an email list of potential clients who would be interested in my services? I don’t want to position my brand as lacking substance or gimmicky, I’m interested in working with people who are serious about driving the growth of their brand or who are legitimately in the process of establishing a start up.

I know I can do the work, I know I’m great at what I do and have a proven track record of achieving and exceeding growth targets, I’m just really stuck at how to get from where I am now to where I want to be. I’m incredibly unhappy in my current role and perhaps the fear of the unknown is also limiting me to a certain extent?

Any advice, direction or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you 🙏

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