Advice on rookie mistake

This will probably seem elementary to most of you, but I didn’t outline how I would be paid at beginning of contract with my employer. I explained (after a week of work) that I would require 50% payment before the delivery of the final report. Afterwards, the remaining balance would be paid. I (foolishly) had not mentioned this before hand, and as I had only been working a week, I assumed it wouldn’t pose an issue.

However, the person employing me has said that as we haven’t agreed on it, he will only pay the balance once all of the work has been delivered, as he needs time to gather funds and it is what we agreed. I have the name of his series, his full name and his production company. Whilst this makes me feel as though he wouldn’t scam me, I’m feeling a tad sketchy. Do I complete the work, hope for payment and never make the same mistake? Or do I insist on the 50%, risking the work I have already completed to be null and void?

thanks for any perspective, I’m 19 and haven’t really done much freelance before.

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