Alias Emails from existing WebHosting service (to be canceled)

Would it be possible:

\- canceled Godaddy Webhosting

\- alias emails usage instead of Godaddy’s in Outlook/Gmail

\- continue receiving communications


Hello, I am looking for more experienced people around here to share knowledge with me.

Years ago I’ve bought a domain and webhosting services from Godaddy, for my father’s small business. Dad passed away last December and everything is slowly moving to its’ end.

Would it be possible to continue receiving the invoice emails and other communication, mainly National Institutions emails and request, from the current Godaddy hosting email addresses, if I cancel the annual subscription for the hosting and instead of that I start using alias email addresses in Outlook/Gmail ? The business is still registered and running.

The domain address, I would continue paying for it and would rework father’s website in memory of him, using one of my machines as a static website server. I prefer not using mailing server hosted anywhere locally.

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