any Business Owners struggling to grow their business through Google & Fb Ads? I am offering Free Account Audit For a Limited Time

Hello Everyone,

Hope all well with you!

Let me introduce myself, I am Vivek, a digital marketing professional with 12+ years of experience with performance marketing, specifically Google & FB ads

I have got a strong hold eCommerce/lead generation – managing campaigns for clients across verticals

I’ve helped my clients to more than double their sales while reducing CPA and increasing profit at the same time(ROI Optimization)

I prefer Quick turnarounds, Good communication, Planning and executing campaigns around your goals

Handled Accounts with more than 100000$ monthly spends

Starting with keywords research to building text ad copies

A through analysis of market and competition

Ensuring tightly theme ad groups along with most relevant communication

Ensuring all relevant ad extensions to maximize real estate on SERP

Bi weekly/ every 2 days optimizations bid adjustments

Ad copy and creative optimization at a weekly basis

Reporting with insights, recommendations and learnings

High visibility for retargeting campaigns

A proper mix of lower and upper funnel audiences

Dynamic campaigns across Google & Facebook

Accurate audience and creative communication

exclusion of audiences/keywords in adsets ad groups

Manual daily campaign checks

For a limited time I am offering free account audits to client’s who are struggling with their digital marketing efforts. Please DM if you want to collaborate

Can also help you with Planning & Analysis

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