Anyone on the receiving end of the MediaTemple migration disaster? They’ve made it impossible for people to abandon ship.

So I migrated to Vultr, thankfully, earlier this year, and have been waiting to cancel my MediaTemple account (because it renews yearly), which I’ve had *since 2009.*

Well, I call up last month to ask them if I can schedule the cancellation: you can’t, you have to call in the moment you want it cancelled. My plan was to shut it down the week of, before my renewal date.

Apparently, this week is when MT is officially destroying itself to migrate everything to GoDaddy–and now that they’ve disabled tickets, you can only call them or get on chat with them.

Except both options don’t work. People all over Twitter can’t get through to anyone on the phone or chat. The “wait time” is 172+ minutes. I’ve had my phone sitting on hold for much longer than that, and the line eventually just hangs up on you, claiming that support hours are over (support hours are supposedly until 7p PST, and I’ve been calling early in the day EST). Their chat never transfers you to anyone, and then disconnects you if you leave the screen unoccupied too long.

Their Twitter accounts just tell you to get in touch with customer support–dozens of times, to dozens of customers.


ALL THIS BEING SAID: If you need to avoid a renewal, open a temporary card with []( Replace the card in MT’s account center, then remove your real one. You can then close out the card at This way MT can’t charge you to renew anything in the time they’ve been ignoring you.

I wrote to their legal and PR emails–doubt there will be any response, but this behavior by MT is the worst I’ve ever seen of any web host of their popularity.

Disgraceful to treat customers this way after 10+ years.

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