Anyone wanna learn + try digital marketing with me?

I’ve got a product (SaaS) that I plan on marketing within the next couple of days via Youtube, facebook, google etc (youtube ads to start with).

If anyone wants to help out or just watch (I’ll be paying for all the ads and stuff, you dont have to pay for anything), then let me know!
This way you can also see what things can go wrong, things that get done right, and learn with me (I’m a beginner myself so this will be a learning experience for me too). We could create a group and discuss over chat or call the progress of how the ads are doing.

Quick background, I’m a software engineer who wants to get good at marketing my products. I can build apps but lack experience when it comes to advertising and increasing my user base, I am inexperienced. I thought it may be beneficial for myself and others if I try to share this experience.

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