ASO decided to migrate my server to Provo, it’s been down for a week now and I need to have access to my DB, any ideas as to when it might be back?

So I had this VPS with ASO that coincidentally I was about to migrate to another couple providers. Just a day before we started the migration, my websites went down. As per usual, ASO support was crap and at first, they said a node was down. A few days later, I get an email stating that my hosting service will be moved to Provo and that “I wouldn’t notice any changes”.

It’s been already a week since then, and the server is still down. I’ve already managed to move all sites to Nixi and Digital Ocean, but one site in particular didn’t have a DB backup for 2 days, so I really need to have access to that server in order to copy the DB.

Does anyone here knows how long could this crappy company might take to put them back up?

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