Attempting To Run LinkedIn Campaigns For My Web Agency – Help?


I recently set up an agency and I have started to run some LinkedIn Campaigns to find some leads for my web agency but I haven’t had anyone get in contact.

I’ve set the budget to $10 per day and I’ve been running it for around 4 days.

**My current audience setup is -**

United Kingdom

Owner, Co-Founder, Managing Director, Founder, Director, Chief Executive Officer

2-10 employees, 11-50 employees, 51-200 employees

**Campaign results:**

$41 spent, 70 website visits, 981 impressions, 70 clicks 7.14% CTR, CPC is $0.59


I have set up a nice landing page on my website that looks stunning with a contact form box at the bottom.

Does anyone know what I can do to improve this campaign?

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