Be on your toes for job scams

I recieved an email yesterday morning about a potential job. They said they found my profile on Upwork. I get many freelance projects on and off the platform. I make time to set up a video meeting to discuss their project like I do with every new client. We have a normal video meeting, no red flags.

I send them a proposal that breaks down the cost and steps for the project. They respond back with that they want to do the payments in 3 parts instead of two. No big deal, I rewrite the proposal.

They then respond with that they need a copy of my ID and a w9 to begin the project. I respond with I’m not comfortable giving that info and its not neccessary for this project. I unfortunately gave my phone number to this person and they called me right after that email claiming that they will be going with another freelancer.

Also they said that I should learn my lesson and be willing to share my info if it involves an expensive project, because I need to “prove my identity.”

I laughed at this person and responded that I have worked on bigger projects that did not involve sharing my info.

This person was so nice when discussing their project but when it came to payments they were really weird about wanting all my info but not giving me anything in return.

I believe this person was trying to scam me by only asking about my info and not revealing anything about themselves and the company. Also they wanted to send me checks instead of PayPal. Lol biggest red flag there.

Just a reminder to not just give out your private info easily because people be fishing and wasting your time.

If your gut is telling you they are scammy they probably are. In my experience legit companies will provide you a lot of information about themselves.

If they are not willing to do a 50% deposit upfront, then just walk away.

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