Best advertising options for monetizing a mobile app?

I’m in the process of launching a mobile app targeted at parents of young kids. I have a background in web design, SEO, UI/UX etc., but I’m brand spankin’ new to digital advertising and monetizing an app as a publisher. The app hasn’t launched yet, but for the sake of research/planning let’s assume it becomes successful with meaningful DAUs.

The question: Should I just sign up for an ad network like Ad Sense or Publift and follow their instructions? Is there anything else I should be considering given the specificity of the high value and niche audience? Any great training materials / YouTube series I should be consuming?

I believe the UX of my app will allow for video ads while content loads, and my understanding is that VAST (video pre-roll) is the highest earning format? Anything else I should be considering (other than the UX impacts)?

Any advice would be much appreciated!

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