Best Brand Documentaries to Watch for Marketers

These brand documentaries can help you realize the power of brand messaging in campaigns, usage of storytelling & teach a thing about marketing.

1. Nike’s Breaking 2 : VIDEO

2. Art & Copy: IMDB

3. Replay Gatorade: VIDEO

4. Vivobarefoot: VIDEO

5. Frontline: PBS

6. Spent looking for Change: SERIES

7. Secrets of Branding: BBC

8. The Greatest Movie Ever Sold: [LTRAILER

9. Century of Self: FULL

10. Patagonia’s Stone Local: SERIES

11. Story of Content: VIDEO

12. How Brands are Influencing Consumers: VIDEO

13. Noam Chomsky on Advertising: VIDEO

14. The Social Dilemma: TRAILER

15. Fyre Festival: TRAILER


These were my favorite & most recommended documentaries to watch for marketers, brand specialists & creatives. You can Find the post [with links]( ) shared here in r/marketingcurated.

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