Best practice for updating PHP on Digital Ocean (through CW)?

My server is currently running 7.3 but I need to update to at least 7.4.

I have close to 10 WordPress websites (Applications) on the server.

CW Digital Ocean doesn’t allow per-Application PHP updates.

It’s also not possible to revert/scale down to 7.3 once the update to 7.4 takes place.

This makes updating PHP a nightmare, and I’ve read about lots of other CW users complaining about not having per-Application PHP updates.

I was thinking I should clone my server, update PHP on new server, and if everything looks good then do the PHP update on my live server and delete the cloned server. I would be charged for the new server for however long I need to keep it running.

Is this the safest/most efficient method, or is there a better approach?

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