Bunny CDN: Cache HIT rate is 47% for months now

We use Bunny CDN for some months already. Here are the stats:

Cache HIT rate: 46.94 %
Total Bandwidth: 0.44 TB
Cached Bandwidth: 0.32 TB
Uncached Bandwidth: 0.12 TB

This is bad. About a quarter of the bandwith still hits the very expensive origin (Google Storage). We need to reduce theses costs.

How can we improve the Cache HIT rate to be above 95%?

Please note that we have enabled the Bunny [Perma-Cache system](https://bunny.net/cdn/perma-cache/) a few months ago, which is advertised with “Keep your cache HIT rate near to 100%”.

Here are screenshots of I think all important stats and configuration settings: [https://imgur.com/a/suM4e22](https://imgur.com/a/suM4e22)

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