Can someone please help me with basics? (SSL Cert)


I need to obtain and install a new free SSL certificate for my new website. It’s hosted on Linux with CPanel and does not directly support CertBot (sadly). I don’t have Shell access that I’m aware of.

(It’s []( Apparently they support LetsEncrypt (according to LE themselves) but not natively and you have to follow TSO’s instructions. Those instructions do not exist.

I have already managed to use TSO’s CPanel web interface to produce the CSR for the certificate; I now want to use some product or method to request and validate the certificate from LetsEncrypt – and the various sets of instructions are never step-by-step or simple: they may as well be written in Cantonese.

Can anyone please tell me, step by step, how to get whatever products/programs I need, and then to use them to transfer my CSR to LetsEncrypt, and then obtain my certificate keys to install on the web host? (that part I can do).

My PC runs Windows 11 and my web host only tells me they run Linux (not the flavour) and CPANEL.

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