Can you recommend improvements/additional things i should add to my skills? I want to branch off into independently taking on clients.

Hi guys.
So I currently work for a car dealership, and I handle all the social media.
I don’t utilize a calendar or outside post scheduling service (although I am aware FB Meta has their own and there are others /Planoly etc).
So mainly I post content/hashtag and apply paid ads accordingly. I interact with our followers and grow the page following. I mostly utilize Facebook and instagram and also some twitter (although our demographic isn’t really into twitter).
I also add our cars to listings online for sale. I’d like to improve my current employer’s hits and also add some private clients on the side to get some much needed side $.
I have not done google ads, although I’ve looked at them and scanned through. We have a couple existing ones and the boss doesn’t really want them changed. I’ve contacted businesses such as venues/restaurants etc that I like and noticed their very poor social media/lack of response. I’d love to take on such companies and get paid independently on the side.
I feel there are probably more skills I should add to my toolbox before I offer to do social media marketing for other places on my own. Could anyone offer tips? Thanks 🙂

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