Can’t access my own websites, but only from my laptop

I recently moved all my websites to Bluehost. But now I have a weird problem where it seems every day I can’t access my websites for a few hours. I try to load my website in a browser and the browser tries to load the site for a minute and then it just gives the error “The connection has timed out. An error occurred during a connection”.

In fact, not only can I not load my own websites, I also can’t log in to Bluehost’s cpanel, I can’t connect to the server using SSH, nor can I log in to the inboxes of my Bluehost email addresses.

But all this only happens with my laptop. I’ve tried accessing my websites from other devices and the sites work fine. That is, except for one exception: my phone. My phone won’t load the sites either, but only if I’m connected to wifi; when I use mobile data instead of wifi the sites load fine. Interestingly, when my phone uses wifi, my phone has the same IP address as my laptop, which leads me to conclude the problem is to do with my IP address.

This theory is supported by the fact that if I reset the modem and get a new IP address, the problem momentarily goes away and I can miraculously access all my sites again.

So I’ve concluded the problem has something to do with my IP address. I assume Bluehost keeps blocking my IP address for some reason. But I’ve contacted Bluehost and they claim my IP address isn’t on their blacklist. In fact, it seems they have no idea what’s going on and there’s nothing they can do.

I’m almost ready to jump ship from Bluehost and move to another provider. But does anyone have any ideas how to solve the problem before I do this?

EDIT: I solved the problem. An old iPhone was set to get emails from the server every 15 minutes but it was using old login details, causing Bluehost to ban my IP address for hours at a time. I deleted all the old email accounts on my iPhone and now the problem’s gone away.

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