Can’t get a job in my own country

I’m a product manager and have been traveling to different cities (UK, NL, CN, ID, AU) to get contracts. I just wonder how some devs, designers, POs get clients so easily… . Therefore I wonder what has been your best or secret method to land clients?

I literally cannot get a job in my own country… now Dubai is up and coming, I will be working over there, but I really feel like somehow my profile is not appreciated at home despite having 15 years of experience abroad and a master’s from Oxford. The answer is always “we found better profiles” (I actually often know the people they hired and feel confused about why a more junior person gets accepted without any credible education). I don’t mind living abroad, I don’t get an inch of respect back home, and decided to look for a place to settle abroad and just leave Belgium in the past.

Perhaps others have the same experience?

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