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Hi all,

I am a senior from a top research university in the Netherlands about to graduate with a degree in media & communications. I’ve taken a few classes on information analytics (using YouTube data tools, an obscure humanities tool, to scrape information from the API and visualize it using Gephi, another somewhat obscure tool). Anyway, I found the process of analyzing/visualizing data to tell a story really fun, which has sparked my interest in the field. I am now looking to get an internship in digital marketing to learn/increase my hard-skills (unpaid would be fine as I have some savings). I am also looking into completing the google data analytics certificate.

Would having a BA from a good university, an internship in marketing, and a certificate (although very basic) put me in a good position to get an entry level digital marketing or data analysis job? I understand that I would likely need to learn much more, but would these qualifications be viable for now so that I can learn more and specialize/transition once I am in the industry?

Would greatly appreciate any sort of guidance from someone who has a full-time job at a company in the field!

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