Central Europe webhosting – any recommendations?


what webhosting provider would you recommend for a website based in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, that has around 80k monthly visitors? This website is an online store with a blog.

I used local Websupport hosting provider, then switched to Hostinnger (Cloud Hosting Startup plan) but I am not entirely happy with their services.

My website has around 150GB size but somehow I am constatly “outgrowing” my plan, which should be 200GB. They also tax recurring customers more than the new ones (new plan for the same service is around 15% cheaper than what I have to pay for right now – new users will pay 18.99€/m, I have to pay 21.99€/m text excluded)

I am looking for something “good but inexpensive”, where I dont have to worry about “outgrowing” my plan and with the good site speed. It should be able to host multiple sites at one hosting, as I own 3 more websites that are just simple sites with minimum content (up to 1GB each).

Many providers have so many options to choose from that I feel overwhelmed and don’t know what is the “best decision”. I looked at Krystalhosting and Dreamhost and their plans but I just don’t know what to pick.

If you could help me out what provider to choose, what plan to pick or what should I focus on when picking up a new provider, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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our recommended web hosting companies


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InMotion hosting

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