Changing nameservers and how DNS records are configured after changing?

Just looking online for more info around this. But for some context: GoDaddy is the registrar for a client’s domain. We have built their new website in WordPress and hosting it on a cpanel with our cloud hosting provider. We do not want to take control of their MX records so we are simply changing the A records in their GoDaddy account to the IP address of the cpanel and then changing the domain in WordPress. Simple enough. However, a colleague mentioned changing the nameservers.

My question is, if we did decide to change the nameservers what would I see on my end from our cloud hosting provider where we have multiple cpanel accounts? Surely the DNS records would need to be configured at this name server.

How would it resolve to the correct cpanel? If we point the nameservers to our cloud hosting provider how would we then set the necessary DNS records on this end?

Maybe this is a strange question as the answer might just be that every provider is different but I believe that I understand how DNS records and nameservers work, I just feel that I am missing something with the actual configuration of the DNS records after nameservers have been changed.

Thanks in advance and apologies if this question is just stupid but I am still learning!

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