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Hey everybody so web hosting and everything involved is way out of my area of expertise so I’m coming to you for advice. From the research I’ve done here and looking at reviews elsewhere I’ve decided NixiHost will be a good option to host with, but I’m not sure which plan to go with, because I don’t really know what the different features mean. It seems like the only difference between the mini and basic is that basic has 10GB more storage (which idk if I’ll need), up to 5 domains (I only plan on having one website with a link to the software I’m using for scheduling/billing/SOAP notes/etc., and then having a bigger number for the processor and RAM which I assume just means the site would load faster?

If it makes a difference this will be for my massage business so the website won’t be very complex or have too much traffic so I imagine the mini option would be fine, but I just wanted to get some professional opinions, thanks!

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