Client asking for live instruction on programming

I’ve been providing statistical support for a small firm (edit: 1099 contractor, hourly/retainer) and during the years I’ve worked for them, I’ve built a workflow using R (a statistical programming language) to generate statistical reports based on a survey (that I also built).

Anyways, the process on my end is now quite streamlined but require some tweaks in the code for each unique report.

Long story short, I think the client is trying to get rid of me because of my fees amongst other reasons. At the very least, they want to remove as much work from me as possible. So they are asking me to sit them down and show them how I generate reports using R. Keep in mind, they have \*never\* used R or any statistical software before. They have no technical expertise at all.

Two concerns: first, I’m honestly not sure how I can teach someone R in a few hours. Although I can efficiently work the my code, its obviously neither foolproof nor designed for a beginner. Second, training/instruction is not in my scope of work. The closest clause in the IC agreement is “support survey design/research efforts”.

I did offer to give them the code I wrote (its on their OneDrive anyways) and point them to other sources of instruction.

How do you/would you deal with this type of situation? I initially responded that training/instruction is not part of scope but looking for other suggestions.

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