Client Expectations v Reality

Hey everyone – I have never posted to Reddit but thought I’d give it a go.

I am a freelance video editor in my free time and I’m used to getting unusual job offers ($30 to make a 10min video).

I currently have a client paying hourly which is great but their expectations are so far removed from reality I don’t even know if I should continue.

They have given me 3 quite poor quality images, which they want to “morph” into each other with background music.

This is easy enough to do, but the client is asking me to add flair and make it interesting and interactive and I quote “Bring your artist’s soul to the end result.”

I’ve asked for brand guidelines and got none, they don’t want labels or text or voiceover. So what else is there to do when the content is so poor?

My question is what do you do when a clients expects you to create something amazing from more or less nothing?

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