Client signed contract and now doesn’t agree with some terms

Hi! Hoping for a bit of advice.

Background: I quit working for a company (as an independent contractor) some time ago but agreed to provide some local services for them on an as-needed basis. Because they have a habit of being disorganized, I built in a short notice fee for service requests, less than two weeks’ notice. This was in the contract that they signed.

The issue: they now are saying they feel the short notice fee isn’t fair and that it would be reasonable if they wanted to book me within 3 days. They want to book me now with a week’s notice. This contract and term were provided to them weeks ago, so they could have avoided the fee if they had simply returned the signed contract and informed me of their intention before. I have availability for the date they want, but I have a bad feeling about bending on my terms so quickly after them agreeing.

Why would someone sign a contract that they disagree with? Should I hold firm on this? I don’t need the money, and this whole arrangement was to help them out since I’m pretty specialized in this service offering.

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