Client takes forever to pay.. what should I do?

Hey guys, I’m an independent freelancer that provides digital content services to a client, I’ve been working with them for a good year now (10 completed projects) and always submit my work according to their deadline, but they always take forever to pay me.. which they do eventually but it’s like a month after I send the invoice, and with weekly follow ups.

I don’t want to sound rude to them or scare them off as they’re one of my biggest clients thus far. They’ve never tried to negotiate price with me, and pay me whatever I ask. The guy I deal with from the company is nice and tries to get the ball moving but there’s only so much he can do, he says it’s billing department they take a long time to process payments.

So how do I get my message across to them without pissing them off?

Hey guys, thanks so much for the responses! I mainly freelance on Fiverr and Upwork and get paid as soon as the client hits accept delivery, this client found me through social media so our payment/service exchanges are a bit randomized which is something I wasn’t used to.

The net 30 isn’t communicated anywhere (as once they paid within a week), I think it’s just deprioritized with all the commitments they have on hand. I’ll just have a conversation with them and see if we can agree on a 2 week period.

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