Client’s new employee is taking it out on me

A client’s new hire has pulled me in to support a project that was completed through an agency I worked with last year. She’s trying to figure out where everything is, which I get can be frustrating. But it’s turned hostile.

There were some issues with the client last year and getting buy-in and responses that were handled by the agency’s project manager so I image there are some messes to clean up on her end.

The emails have been coming in rapid fire with curt demands and orders, including that I remove myself from all access even though I was hired to support the project and need that access to provide that service. I’m trying my best to respond professionally while ignoring the jabs, but that has turned me into a punching bag.

The latest demand was that I forward all email communications for last year’s 6 month project to her so she can review them and understand what took place on the project when she wasn’t an employee. This seems like a ridiculous power play demand that will be very time consuming, plus I was a subcontractor and not the point of contact with the client for the project.

I’m pretty sure that she signed up for my maintenance contract to get the access she needs and some questions answered and then will cancel it instead of maintaining the monthly retainer. Plus I’m not sure I want to continue working with this client.

Tips on responding to this latest request?
On how to handle this going forward?
Setting boundaries or exiting?

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