Cloud-Ways limiting concurrent users – Poor Performence – MySQL crashes

Today i tested a vultr 2gb 1 core server after hearing a lot of good things about cloud-ways. I setup a Woocommerce Store and activated Object Cache with the redis WP Plugin and checked the performence with the plugin Query Monitor.

Database queries got cached and everything performed well, till i opened 47 firefox tabs and used the Autor Reload Tab extension to test concurrend page loads of the main page with an interval of 5 second.

Suprise, suprise, it resulted in a database establishing error because the mysql server went down. So i started a live chat and got the answer, that cloud-ways limit concurrent users. I also got a list which estimates max concurrent users for each server plan.

Nerver experienced something like that – one of my cheapes managed hosting providers for 30 dollar handeled over 500 tab reloads on a live server with additional 5K+ page views a day.

**QUESTION:** Is this normal – Any alternative managed server provider wihtout this kind of limitation?


Im adding the screenshot of the conversation:

1. [](
2. [](
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