Cloudflare Pages vs Github vs OCI free tier to host some self-made HTML/CSS pages?

I have my own domain and some HTML and CSS pages that I built from scratch. I make updates to them often and usually just use Filezilla to send updates and new media to my host (currently paying $5/month).

But I’m interested in finding a free host, and read that Cloudflare Pages, Github Pages, and OCI free tier are viable options. Which one is best suited if I:

– want to set it up relatively quick
– want to make updates quick (such that I can keep using Filezilla to upload new content)
– want to use my own domain
– want to use a free SSL (which I don’t yet have)
– want to keep my HTML/CSS files private from visitors (I don’t mind if the end user uses Inspector)

I ask because the set up for each of the aforementioned hosts looks relatively long so I want to ensure it has what I need before I go down the rabbit hole.

Thank you!

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