Concerned about potential no show

Hi there,

Apologies if this has been asked in thi sub before, I’ve had a look but can’t quite find this question. I’m a few months into freelancing and have been lucky with good respectful and timely clients so far.

I have a client booked in for two days for a small job, one day this week and one day next. The contract was signed a number of weeks ago, and since then I’ve been in touch a few times (as I do with all clients) as a reminder to say looking forward to getting started, and more recently asking for a few standard documents to be sent over so I can get off to a start as soon as the day arrives.

I’m getting concerned as we’re days out, and I have heard nothing back from this client. Convinced that by the time the day comes, I won’t have any work to do and will have lost out on income for the two days, or that the client will get in touch before the second day either looking all work to be done on that day or asking for more time (I’m booked out for a while).

What would you do in this situation, particular in regards to communication in the next couple of days, and in charging if the worst happens and the client is a no show?

Thank you!

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