Confused about name servers.. help?

So on Sunday, I transferred my domain from Bluehost to Google domains, and got new name servers with Google. I’m taking a break from hosting so I’m not using a host yet, but am still using WordPress as my content manager. I was able to access my site from WordPress on Sunday, but now WordPress . org is saying I don’t have an account.

Someone from a previous post explained in a private message that my DNS is wrong & I need to change it on Google Domains, where my domain is now registered.

On Google Domains it says “Your domain is using Google Domains name servers.” On ICANN’s website, it lists 4 google domain server names.

On my Bluehost account, Bluehost has 2 name servers. Even though my domain is no longer with them. How do I fix this? The guy sent me a link to change them at Google but they already have Google’s name servers listed by default, so what would I need to change?

Another question is how do I remove Bluehost as my name server? Bc I am ready to close my hosting account with them & I want to be sure I can still get to the domain after I start hosting with someone else. I can’t even login to my account from WordPress anymore.

Sorry if this is a silly question. I have no idea about hosting — I’m just an artist trying to have creative freedom so I went this route instead of WordPress . com & now I’m so confused.

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