Cosmotown is scamming me and is abusing the fact that their individual clients do not have a loud enough voice. What should I do?


I recently purchased a domain with **Cosmotown**. When I tried using it, it wouldn’t work. I reached out for support twelve days ago. This was their response:


*Upon checking, the problem lies with our DNS.*

*It appears that our nameservers are not appearing as authoritative for your domain.*

*I have tried troubleshooting the issue from the backend but the issue still persist.*

*I have escalated your concern to our ENG team and we will have this fixed as soon as possible.*

*In the meantime, In order to propagate your records, I suggest using a third party nameservers and set it as your domains authoritative DNS.* ”

**Twelve days** have passed and they keep saying they are working with their DNS provider, **Afilias**. At first they pretended they were working on it and sent me messages with regular updates saying so while also mentioning the suggestion that I hire a third party nameserver. By now they are only replying and offering me a refund, which is obviously not what I want.

So I found this article announcing their change to Afilias, which is from 2014 but for some reason the date keeps changing to one more recent:


Take a look at the comments:


There are a bunch of people saying they had the very same problem **MONTHS** ago. They probably delete them from time to time too

This is what their agreement says:

>**Premium DNS Service**
>Premium DNS service is provided by Cosmotown through a third party vendor, Afilias, Inc. This service is provided “as is”, “as available”, and “with all faults”, and Cosmotown assumes no liability or responsibility regarding the same.

However, from the looks of it, they haven’t even hired them.

What do you guys think I should do? Do I just get a refund and allow them to keep doing this to every client of theirs? If any of you guys are influencers and could bring attention to this, please do so. If I had the resources, I would try to contact a bunch of their clients and start a class action suit.

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