Cost/pricing model for reselling hosting services


I’m curious how do you calculate your pricings for selling hosting services like webhosting packages? Mostly I start of the cost, add a certain margin, and that would be my price. But for this, I need to know the cost for each product.

I do a number of services:

1. Shared webhosting with different package size (multiple single clients) 15%
2. Shared reseller webhosting (multiple resellers with multiple clients) 25%
3. VPS hosting (multiple single clients) 60%

To accommodate these 3 services, I have a complete infrastructure with a certain cost. How would you guys create a cost/pricing model for this to calculate the real costs & profit per service?

I could just calculate divide the total cost by the mentioned percentage, but those percentages are the current situation. For example, on the shared webhosting servers there is still place for a big load of customers. So It could grow to 40/40/20.



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