CPU usage keeps growing – I’ve very concerned

Hi all,

I use shared hosting right now and while keeping within the limit in every aspect of my account usage, my CPU limit is always in the red – the limit is 4% and I’m currently at 8.4% (it grows at about 0.75% per day) – I opened a ticket and they tell me ” it is within the tolerable limits and there is nothing to worry about”. I’m still concerned that it continues to grow and not drop.

I disabled WP-crons in wp-config.php and set up one on my hosting account to work every 5 minutes

I use W3 Total Cache with object, database, object and browser cache enabled (Memcached method in all but browser).

I use Smush to compress my photos

I use WP-Optimize to optimise my databases

Is it just visitors to the site that are causing it to rise or is it also because I’m sorting photos after a migration caused some to be lost (100+)? It makes me uneasy that the number keeps rising…

Is a 4% CPU limit normal for shared hosting?

Not sure if I’m allowed to give my website URL here for reference so I’ll leave it out.

Sorry if I’m rambling!

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