Crazy improvements on FB/IG ad performance of late

I have been running my ecom biz since pre-covid though ads really only started in early covid.

Like everyone else, my ad performance gradually declined from Fall 2020 to the point that I had turned off all ads in Q4 because performance was so bad. I have relatively low cost items with an AOV in the $40-$45 range and with results tracking and retargeting completely shot due to Apple/FB changes, I was starting to lose hope.

I turned ads back on a couple weeks ago and as I keep increasing spend (now over $1k a day), I’m getting the best performance I’ve had since Covid. These aren’t even new ads. It’s mostly just old ads that I turned on, with the intention of refreshing the content, but the performance has been so staggeringly great compared to history that I’m just letting them run.

Account-wide I’m getting

* CPC under 30 cents (compared to an average of 60 cents going back to Jan 2020)
* CTR nearly 3.7% (compared to an average 1.9%)
* ATC for under $3 when it used to be $6-$8
* CPM for $6 compared to an average of $8.50

All of these metrics are at least 100% improvements from even 6 months ago. The above rates are the average including Covid. It’s only been a little over a week, but it is across a handful of campaigns, including dozens of divergent ad sets and nearly 100 ads. And as mentioned, I ramped up quickly as I’m now spending over $1k a day, which is typically when any successful ad structure I’ve previously developed would fall apart.

Is anyone having similar experience? I realize Q1 is cheaper than Q4, but this is way better than any other Q1 in my history. No viral posts or anything to explain such a stark improvement.

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