Customers don’t pay me

Hello dear freelancers, I’m kind of new to the space of freelancing (started this January 2023) and 3 times this month (January-February) I came across potential customers that were ok with the terms, and promised to pay me and as I would do the work, they would ghost or change their mind.

The worst situation was last week, I did a tone of work for a client, who agreed to paying me $2000, checked his socials, seemed quite a real person. So for an entire week I was dedicating myself to the work, which was a project I was deeply passionate about.

Then the feedback started to be strange, as in same promises, and out of nowhere today my client told me that he lost his job and that he can’t pay me for now.

I lost it, blocked him, deleted all my correspondence with him. I’m in so much anger at these people taking advantage of hard work that I’m putting in.

I want to know if anyone has experienced this and how did they manage to avoid getting in those situations?

Edit: Thanks for the help Redditors, you guys are the absolute best🙏🙏

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