CV Question (Honesty vs. Ageism)

I recently came back to freelancing after teaching for a few years. I’ve actually been earning money as a writer for 33 years–I’m 54, but wouldn’t dream of putting those years on my CV. I’m seeing advice on the net in regard to “# of years to go back on a resume” as 10-15. Fair enough, but does this make sense for freelancers? I still plan to list my top clients in a bio at the top of my CV regardless, but I feel like I cannot, in good faith, list my start date as a freelance writer as 2008. For one thing, there is evidence online that this is not true. If someone were to google my name along with one of my listed clients (newspapers/magazines), there are still clips out there from 2003, or maybe even 2001. I would love to shave some years off to appear youthful, but I also like appearing…honest. Thoughts?

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