Decentralizing domains from WHM/cPanel to individual client admin accounts

Happy new year friendsI’m a solopreneur and I manage multiple domains for my clients since 1996. Currently, I have them all under one dashboard under a Verio reseller account. The DNS for each domain is managed via a Verio dashboard, but everything else is managed via WHM/cPanel. The clients can get FTP/cPanel admin access to their own domain accounts.A situation arose when I got pretty sick from covid over Christmas. I rarely get sick, but this was pretty hard on me, I’m just starting to feel normal again, in fact. I came to the realization that if I became suddenly unavailable, a number of my clients would have a difficult time recovering their domains. I suppose I can work with someone else, just in case, but I prefer to spin off their respective accounts so that they have full admin control, including the ability to move it away to a different host provider, with no intervention from me. I was considering spending this year closing out that aspect of my business by steering them away to their own non-reseller account with a different company but I now want to ask how the rest of you solopreneurs are doing it. What is your contingency if you become suddenly incapacitated? Ideally, I would love a central dashboard, but with the client having full admin/DNS access to their respective accounts. Thank you for reading this far, i’m sure it could have been a much shorter question but i’m too lazy to shorten it at this point.

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