Deciding for hosting provider in Europe (wordpress)

So a client from Belgium asked me to build their wordpress website for them.
I haven’t been doing it for quite a while (also never for a client in another country as I am in Germany) and am not up to date anymore with good hosting options.

Audience is worldwide – client is very international.
Wordpress site is super simple – more or less a portfolio. But it’s important and high visibility (probably many people gonna look at it).

From my research I found:





Easyhost is in the list because my thinking in the beginning was to find Hosters in Belgium (where the client is located) because it’s probably nicer to have the company in your country. I didn’t find much in Belgium so far and easyhost has pretty bad reviews in terms of support.

So I looked at a2hosting and hetzner from some googling. Are they any good? Would you recommend others?

I am currently also evaluating the question of managed vs unmanaged wordpress. I always just had a shared webspace where I installed wordpress. What will a “managed” wordpress give me additionally?

Thanks in advance

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