Did I get my domain(s) blocked by my ISP?

Hey all, I’m an amateur who’s hosting personal websites for myself and a few friends. Just some basic wordpress blogs.

Recently one of my friends started getting notifications about a bunch of login attempts, and we put together that somebody was trying to get into the bank accounts and such.

Said friend knows how to be on the internet, so they had separate passwords for everything, so that was safe. But the attacker really hammering the wordpress login, so to shoo them away I added a 302 redirect for a couple of hours that sent visitors to fbi.gov (I’ve since changed this to just Redirect 404).

But now I see that I can’t access my friend’s website or mine. Browser doesn’t get a response, ping and tracert on <mydomain> times out. I’m a little confused that it took down my site also since I didn’t put the redirect on it.

If I visit the sites on mobile or through work VPN I can load them just fine.

Starting to wonder if I fucked up and got my websites flagged by my ISP. Could that redirect have caused this? Am I boned?

Even if this clears up in a couple of days, lesson learned 😩

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