Differentiate Your Products with Custom Conversion Events in Facebook

When we do need to run ads to curate multiple customer journeys with business objectives that are not shared, i.e.: multiple products in one out account… We have to use custom conversion events.

Without using custom conversion events, how is Facebook supposed to know every purchase of one product has a different business value to you than another one. They were trying to sell dog food, and shoes. Both are tracked with just a Purchase event, then every purchase of either product informs Facebook how to spend money on all campaigns for all products that share the generic purchase event.

The simplest way to solve this problem is to create custom conversion events. Defining each as a purchase where the product ID contains the identification number for that product. This can also work for leadGen or any other conversion event. When we don’t have a specific product ID or if the application is slightly different, we can define a conversion event as the firing of thank you pages that contain a certain URL.

For instance:

In real estate, we could have separate thank you pages for a Buyer & a seller

if we are doing automated lead form qualification based on the choices from drop-down menus, these could easily be filed as good or bad leads & you could just optimize toward good leads.

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