Digital Marketing in the UK

Hello everyone,

I am a 23 year old guy from Spain, and I have a bachelor’s degree in digital marketing. I graduated around 7 months ago and have been looking for a job in this field since. Had no luck so far.

The digital marketing landscape is very saturated in Spain. A lot of people (with and without official studies in digital marketing) want to work in it and there aren’t that many companies looking for digital marketers.

It’s starting to become frustrating. I have this bachelor’s degree, from a very good university, and have a lot of personal projects I work on almost daily. But still, after 7 months I still haven’t got a job.

So, I’m thinking of moving to another country where I have more opportunities. And I’ve thought of the UK. I believe my english is good enough, and have a couple of friends there. I would appreciate it if someone could let me know how the digital marketing landscape is like in the UK. Is it easy to get a job in this field? Are the salaries good?

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