Digital Marketing Management vs Digital Marketing Sales

Hey Reddit, would like to ask the experienced marketers what they think about the pros and cons when it comes to picking a certain career path in the Digital marketing space! Specifically managing digital marketing budgets and client relations vs selling prosepcting clients digital marketing services. I’m at a bit of a crossroads in my career where I have a decision to make.

RIght now I am just above entry level at a prestigious agency (been there for 1 year). I make about $70k/yr. I’ve helped traffic and manage budgets for the agency’s biggest client ($50M+ over the course of 6 months or so). I’ve learned a lot but I know there’s a long road ahead in terms of knowledge, skill, and pay.

However, I have a background in sales (4 years exp) and recently got offered a job as a marketing consultant at a company that doesn’t specialize in digital marketing but offers it as a service to SMB customers. Not prestigious at all but the pay could be $150k+ at an “average” performance level. I wouldn’t be out prospecting and hunting but I would be the subject matter expert to help the sales team close customers through my thorough knowledge of their mkt services.

So here’s my dilemma, do I go for the money and be an expert marketing talker or do I trudge along the account management path? Meaning, truly become a paid ads wizard through hands on experience until I’m a director for reputable clients 6-7+ years from now making probably what I could have at the consulting gig in the next year or so?

For context, I would like to have my own agency one day. Make a lot of money and have the option to retire early either through an exit or just kind cruise on the MRR while handing projects off to a team. As I’m sure most of us would! lol

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