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I am hosting an Orchard Core (CMS) server with multiple tenants on Azure (for now). These tenants have their own respective endpoint.

Customer A: [https://my-server.com/customerA](https://my-server.com/customerA)

Customer B: [https://my-server.com/customerB](https://my-server.com/customerB)

I got my domains from a website ([World4You](https://www.world4you.com/)) where I can configure their DNS. I’ve done that a few times already and I’ve never had any problems in a single tenant scenario. But is there any way to let the DNS point to either of the customers endpoints with their own separate domain? All I have achieved so far is, to let the DNS point to the server itself by setting the CNAME, etc.

Additionally, each of the customers can have their own subpages ([https://my-server.com/customerA/subPageA](https://my-server.com/customerA/subPageA) or [https://my-server.com/customerB/subPageB/subsubA](https://my-server.com/customerB/subPageB/subsubA)). So everything needs to work as well when e.g. the page [https://customerA.com/subPageA](https://customerA.com/subPageA) is called.

TLDR: Is something like this possible? [https://my-server.com/customerA](https://my-server.com/customerA) \-> [https://customerA.com](https://customerA.com)


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